Saturday, 20 September 2008

21st March, 1983 - 21st March, 1993.

So, draws close now the Marking Day.
The Solar Equinox : of Life’s Eternal Spring.
To love you more, in Time’s passing way,
Each kiss you give, each smile you bring;
Cherished Wife, who wears mine ring.

A decade passed, as Wife and Man,
One-seventh term our mortal span,
Yet ne’er doth the heart wilt nor shed,
Love keeps its bloom, on Love ‘tis fed :
To surpass Time, alive or dead.

Mayhap gone, Youth’s broad-stepped wild,
Given to the care of both our child;
Though maturity, in heart and mind,
Hath seen Love flower, in each we find
Peace and Compassion : the Oath we signed.

A decade gone, and pray, decades more,
Beyond all years, keep not their score;
Though when the twilight dims our eyes
Still shalt I hold thy Heart mine prize,
Above all treasures: untouched by lies.

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