Monday, 8 September 2008


I ne’er received sweet Heaven’s call,
Perchance they didn’t ring at all,
Or I’m outside the coverage area
In this realm of Paranoia and Hysteria,
The carrion fields of bare, bleached bone,
“Leave a message when you hear the tone.”

But, when viewed, in retrospection,
The Devil maintains a sound connection,
And has done so throughout the ages,
To get replies from whoe’er he pages.
Aye, from such there’s no redress,
If Hell’s switchboard has thy E-mail address.

So pray, my friend, do not be vexed,
If thy phone is littered with Satanic text,
For Mephistopheles be deep and wise
And knows well it pays to advertise.
His demonic agents roam wide and far
To sell infernal products with sound PR,
A marketing strategy to breach Infinity
And perchance tempt the Holy Trinity,
Such offers of “Buy now - Pay later”,
Hath seduced both Priest and Legislator.

Aye, the glossy brochure and neon label
Surmount the ancient Curse of Babel,
For Mammon’s banquet all stand in line,
Grasp the sanguine pen and duly sign.
Such credit terms shalt fore’er hold sway
When given Eternity’s breadth to repay.

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