Sunday, 14 September 2008


To a Tavern’s conversation, no deep Sagacious Themes,
Lewd asides to barmaids, those Houris of boozy Dreams,
The subject matter, Normal, of acclaimed conquests in Sex,
Such inebriated boastful fantasies mark Homo Amoretto Rex.

Yet be aware of Squire Jessop, he of a caliber Intellectual,
Even after copiously imbibing on Dionysus’ favoured victual,
Incites an academic theme to the stagnant verbal Intercourse,
Steering the conventional topic for a more Theological Bourse.
“If one might sway the Hand of Karma, in the matter of Rebirth,
How would thee wish to return in thy next life upon the Earth?”

“As a Sultan,” cried shallow Bridgestone, “Camped by some oasis,
With a resplendent Harem to form my arid Dominion’s basis.”
“ As proprietor of Playboy’s coney farm, “ Alderson did squeal,
“Then I might have fresh Bunny served with each evening meal.”
“As a pair of endurable knickers,” Galbraith spoke in jesting vein,
“Thus get an occasional wash, and against soft Pussy nightly lain.”

Jessop shook his head in ponderance, but wore a piquant grin,
As he quaffed down the porter and a five ounce glass of gin,
“He wears a smirk, our noble Squire,” Benerson did comment,
“Tell us of thy Reincarnated Situation, if ‘twas Heaven Sent.”

“Ah, one of quite lowly Station, to serve All with due respect,
And perchance suffer, in passage, stain and wear’s effect,
I wish Metempsychosis as no more than a simple Tablecloth,
And to Fortune’s capricious Will, with Certitude plight my Troth.”

“The old bugger be drunk ag’in, “ muttered Clarke in derision,
Still harbouring his own unspoken reincarnated Erotic Vision,
“Not so, as yet, I thank thee,“ responded the eloquent Squire,
With the supreme joy of Victory gleaming in his eyes like Fire,
“Such a mediocre culinary article be worthy of thy just Contempt,
But of asinine, inebriated Folly, I choose thus to stand Exempt;
For a humble Tablecloth gets Laid at least Three times per day,
And ‘Pulled Off ‘ after each repast hath held its edacious sway.”

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