Monday, 8 September 2008

Hic Jacet Sepultus

Wild girl to amorous bride became,
As Motherhood’s noblest scion grew,
Matriarch beautified thy exalted name,
Within History there stand but few
Of thy caliber and unique worth;
Now we commit thee to the Earth.

It grieves to leave thee here alone,
Mayhap I shalt linger for a while
Mine hand upon thy crypt of stone,
Recall your voice and cherished smile,
Those sparkling eyes and raven hair,
Thee reached beyond where women dare.
Yet in Death’s grasp maintain thy grace,
To look Almighty God full in the face.

Life shalt go on, you truly spoke,
Yet, my sweet, I am loathe to part,
Thy love lies not beneath the oak,
But buried deep, within my heart.

Now slumber well, and pray abide,
Until I lie eternal by your side,
‘Twill not be long afore I come,
In the distance beats Death’s drum,
A steady roll, then a brisk tattoo,
Beckon my soul to join with you.

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