Monday, 8 September 2008

Grifters of the First Estate

Thy Sacerdotal Deceptions sprawl maculated and thin,
Corroded by Dubiety Without, and Hypocrisy Within,
( Such Feast from those Banquets of Original Sin )
With Sophistry as the Recipe for thine Interpretations,
Hath made Insatiable Gluttons of a Legion of Nations,
Long fed on the Eucharist of Supplicant Adulation,
Digesting Perjury in the Hope of Eternal Salvation.

Aye, what Pasture for the cattle you tend and herd,
Fattened on the Agrapha thee proclaim as God’s Word,
For Two Millenniums long hath perpetrated this Trick,
Erecting thy Temples upon pallets of Barratrous brick
Until the Web of Imposture thus Veils thy own Eyes
Believing as True Gospel this Scripture of Lies;
Hermetic Liturgies contrived for Hegemony and Wealth,
These Narcotic Rituals now Mesmerize Thyself

Mayhap there is Substance in the Maxim of Old,
Wherein states that a Lie, if so often be Told,
And woven with Gilt, becomes as Whole Cloth,
A Soutane of Dominance, subjugating man’s Troth.

Thy Insidious Testament hath become an Infection,
Cultured from Deceit, this Virus of Divine Resurrection;
A Life beyond Death, afore the Heavenly Choir,
Or the option of Satan and to burn in Hell’s Fire.
You Seduce and Convert by so subtle a choice,
‘Tis small wonder the Masses Genuflect and Rejoice
Afore thy Altars of Idolatry, thy Cabalistic Schemes,
This Temulent of Salvation, the Opiate of Dreams.

Where now our old Jealous God, of Vengeful Notoriety ?
In thy New Testament is recast, as of the Loving Variety,
The Eye for an Eye, of which He did Surely speak,
Is now Reinterpreted as “Turn the other Cheek !”
“Do onto Others” was writ the original Talmudic Verse,
( And try to duly pre-empt them, by Doing it First. )

Thy Gospels scripted by Synods, their Guile in every Line,
Create a Thaumaturge of Miracles, turning water into wine,
Who raises those already Dead and Walks upon the Brine;
Their Heavenly Messiah, the Blossom of Virgin Birth.
( Crucified regardless of all purported Divine Worth )

Yet Great Tergiversations achieved, in true Fascist Tradition,
Afore thy austere Courts of the Grand Inquisition.
“Embrace now the One True Faith, or suffer Immolation,”
What options you offered the Heretic’s situation.
Though Legions fell foul victim to thy Auto da Fe’s,
A Genocidal Ledger surpassing the best of Auschwitz’ days;
“Bow to Our Holy Creed and receive thine Absolution,”
( Or condemned as prey for Torquemada’s Final Solution )

Ah, what Spiritual Conspiracy you sold the human race,
Perpetuated Ad Infinatum, but blindly fell from Grace,
Bartering Plenary Indulgences and unctuous Benefices,
Caused Denominational Schisms amongst thine enthralled Species;
For Luther’s Virtuous Protests, nailed to thy Basilica’s door,
Proclaimed an Iniquitous Vatican a grasping Secular Whore,
Committed to controlling All, where Church dictates to State;
The Lusts of Simony and Sodomy sealed thy o’erdue Fate.

Now Christianity’s so fragmented and all duly do compete
To be the Prime Selected to sit afore God’s feet,
The Coptics and the Baptists, and those of Methodist ilk,
Herald themselves First Worthy to imbibe Celestial Milk.
Ah, what a sad Myopia blights the Holy See,
Still clinging to the Dogmas of its Threadbare Liturgy.

An Age of Scientific Enlightenment distinguishes Night from Day,
Yet still thee Machinates to Influence Socio-Political Sway,
Proscribing Contraceptive vehicles, urging the Faithful on to Breed,
Perpetuating the supply of Acolytes unto thy Questionable Creed.
But does God feed our Children ? A fact more False than True !
They that purportedly “Don’t” shouldn’t dictate to Them that “Do”.
So, with matters Carnal, here’s a subject thee should Eschew.

We know little of our Temporal world and naught of the Ethereal Realm,
Whether God’s Hand or Random Destiny’s is placed upon the Helm,
Yet afore whichever Deities we choose to bear our breasts
Jesus Christ might very well Save, but only the Vatican Invests.

Hail, ye Apostolic Arbitrators on the Wages of Sin,
A pustulant cancer festers on, deep Within,
And thy Pietists sway, all restive with Doubt,
Observing the Chancres that metastasize Without.

Yet woe betide All whom dare cross Thy Path,
To feel the Retribution of the Vatican’s Wrath,
Detractors and Foul Heretics stabbed squarely in the back
By the propagandist Opus Dei, the Pontiff’s Men in Black.

Though ‘tis reckoned by Some, in fact rather a Lot,
That Christianity is perhaps the Ultimate Zionist Plot,
Proclaiming a Jewish Carpenter as God’s only Son,
To be Worshipped by the Gentiles as their Chosen One.
In the Wheel of Zion’s Conspiracy ‘tis but a single spoke,
Yet upon Gullible Humanity, a Perpetual Splendid Joke.

Though to We Sapient Few it remaineth an Enigmatic Mystery,
How thee still perpetuates the Biggest Con’ in Recorded History.

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