Tuesday, 16 September 2008

So Little Time to Learn

Birth, Marriage and Death : the Tricycle of Life,
Such a vehicle for the Soul’s potential is waste,
Clad in mortal form, set afore worldly strife,
Three score and ten years so short to full taste
All the Knowledge and Wisdom collected o’er the Ages,
With most wrote upon etheric, invisible pages;
‘Tis there to be studied by Life’s experience alone,
Told by reclused sages, or carved deep in lost stone,
Taught in the wild camps of promiscuous men,
And each backwater port, with their harlot’s den.

Oh, such Wealth of Great Mysteries, if only my time
Would allow me to study each verse and rhyme,
Little wonder that men do bargain good souls
For an extension of Life, to achieve this Finest of Goals

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