Monday, 8 September 2008

The ARCO Exploration Contract

Forward we go, albeit with reduced velocity,
Towards Hell’s Portals, the Ultimate Monstrosity,
It awaits, this foul, lurking, Acceptance Criteria,
Alike some medieval plague: a choking diphtheria.

Yet all to date, and Committed in Haste,
Might manifest a miscalculated Portion of Waste,
For ‘tis naught but an exercise most academic,
Whose inherent philosophies may prove quite polemic.

A singular pace forward, and a pair then reversed,
Ah, how this contract is bandied and cursed,
By one, by all: from the Lowest unto the High,
The problem of castles with foundations in the sky.

No bastion nor fortress has permanence built on clouds,
The very stuff of childish dreams, the fabric lining shrouds.
‘Tis good I should live, and be such a part,
Of this farcical Calamity, this tragic-comic art,
Providing insights to Human Nature, as before unseen:
Such conspiracies are born from shallow souls bred lean.

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