Monday, 8 September 2008

The Caves of Shamballah

For we are but a Stranger, in this Strangest of Lands,
Far ‘yond the mountains and parched desert sands,
Where born serpentine crystals, in deep, luminescent caves,
That mesmerise mortal will to a level of slaves,
By dark polarised light : an Omnipotent Force;
Then through man’s psyche, hold profound intercourse.
An Interrogation Supreme, all Knowledge given forth,
The whole Compass of Memory, from far South to cold North,
Is rendered and revealed, becomes Theirs to be known;
‘Tis the substance of Magick, from which Legends grown.

Yet each crystal born is the progeny, a scion,
Of the Crystal of Ages, brought from far Orion;
She lies buried deep, ‘neath the vast cavern’s floors,
Timeless, this Sentinel of Dimensional Doors.
When our sun was in Lyra she arrived on the Earth,
With aeons ‘ready passed since her Primordial birth,
The Crystal of Eternity, on Creation’s Day spawned,
The Child of the Nova, ancient before their race dawned.

Yea, all that now remains are Great Shamballah’s caverns,
The tight Secret of Mystics, the myths of bright taverns;
Gone is the Glory, the Valley and Six Towers,
That City of those Starborn, with supernatural powers.
Yet their essence is locked within those crystals deep,
The Past and the Future do they know and keep,
And record All, until the Long Count be done,
When our Earth shall invert, as sets the Fifth Sun.

‘Tis within this Great Chaos that again shalt arise
Their race of great Angels, who come forth to baptise
Humanity’s remnants, that survived proud Nature’s wrath,
To hold Divine Councils, bearing the Crown and the Staff;
All shall be counted, and those Damned surely pale,
The Full Circle completed, and told is the Tale

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