Monday, 8 September 2008


Acceptance or Denial, what’er you wish to choose,
By now ‘tis of little doubt a fact you’ve heard the news,
A source of grave consternation leaves us aghast in dismay,
Slippage of the Earth’s outer crust occurred the other day.
Thus is the reason why, when clocks declare it’s night,
The Sun is at her zenith, shining warm and bright.

Africa’s now at the Southern Pole, with an icecap forming fast,
With Antarctica a’thawing. ( We’ll learn who lived there last ! )
Earthquakes, a daily misery; volcanoes blacken global skies,
Tsunamis sweep whole continents. Perhaps everybody dies !

Folk seek sanctuary in churches, the Realists in some saloon,
Bless Foresight, and Providence, we emigrated to the Moon;
No more joyful Hallelujahs as Brother clasps the hand of Brother,
(Just wait until the food runs out, they’ll be eating one another ! )

Safe in our Autarkic Lunar haven, a Colony of Salvation,
We endure an appalling view of the terrestrial devastation;
And through the Hubble telescope, rotating on its trunnion,
I watch twenty men in China feast on the World’s last onion !

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