Monday, 8 September 2008

Love Sempiternal

Canst Romance flourish to become Love Perfected
A Bastion of two Hearts adjoined, laid and so erected,
To withstand the ravages of Life’s capricious ways,
And Blossom Undiminished throughout Mortal days.
A Temple founded upon paired souls’ true Affection
Precluding even Death, to attain Immortal Resurrection,
As Companions Eternal, coursing the Celestial skies,
Invulnerable to Fidelity’s Doubts and Oblivious to Lies.

For this Flame of Ours may yet endure the Nights
Of Temptation’s squalls and Adultery’s stormy bites,
Or fickle mistrals plaguing the Rapport of Compatibility,
Hearts of Amorous Desire glide with a deft Agility
To render nuptial discords the leanest of rations
So the lamp blazes bright in the vortex of our Passions
Fueled by the balsamic oil of Cytherea’s cornucopia,
Illuminating the maize of paths unto a Lovers’ Utopia.

Lo, will he embrace my Autumn as did once my Spring,
Prevail the frosts of Winter, bound by a lone gold ring,
For of Unique cast the man whose Heart ne’er Sways
Upon the Eclipse of a woman’s torrid Summer days.

And if such e’r came to pass, for Amours are but thin ice,
No issue of man be retained when nubile beauty is the Price,
Wild nights of Erotic Satiety the Mutual Currency of Exchange,
That Dowry once possessed, expended o’er Marriage’s range.
None can say ‘tis not True Love that’s held us long Enraptured,
Perchance a feral, rampant beast this Passion we hath captured,
Brought to heel twix our Hearts, yet ne’er to Break nor Tame,
A pedigree steed rode hard and long, might eventually fall Lame.

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