Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Democratic Delinquent

‘Tis a monumental worry, a path to calumny and failure,
When politicians deliberate with their edematous genitalia
Doomed to perpetual losses more than brief, fugacious gains,
Decisions Eminent or Mundane best made by flaccid brains.

From calculated lies to opprobrium to jurisprudent actions
Pounced upon and ravaged by opposing Legislative Factions,
The Holy Trinity as spin-doctors, to cure these publicity ills,
An Administrative equivalent of the Valdez Bay oilspills.

Bother not the Oracle, she foretold of a mis-aligned Starr
Prominent, at its Zenith, to deal out Feathers and Tar,
To proclaim the Arkansas Libertine devoid of Credibility,
The Adulterer Illustrious subsisting by Perjurious Agility.

So how shalt Cruel History treat the Artful Dodger Bill ?
With smirks and loud guffaws around a venal Capitol Hill;
Or the corpulent Lewinsky, was Entrapment at her Core ?
Such ignominy if the Records declare what she’s famous for !
Aye, the manipulative Monica, who will toll her Bell ?
Certain she’s marked for Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell,
The one especially reserved : for girls who Kiss and Tell.

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