Monday, 8 September 2008

Blind Man’s Bluff

What blatant audacity, and unqualified nerve,
Refuting sanguine atrocities with such rhetorical verve!
Your West Timor militias impede the United Nations,
Bestow the East’s refugees with extended privations,
Then slaughter the U. N.’s volunteer relief workers,
Which you declare the carnage of neolithic Berserkers.
Now thee spurn conclave with dispatched delegations
Who aspire to prevent any similar future abominations.
Thy reasons are moronic : “ We are a Sovereign State,
Aloof of Critics and Stricture within our Territorial Gate.”

So decry International Censure and U. N. intervention,
Ref. thy Pantomime of Democracy, no further mention,
Fourth World jingoism despises all of First World grade,
Yet voraciously grabs each morsel of exacted Foreign Aid.
( And all at minimal interest, most of which is ne’er repaid )

Now the Samaritans are Gone from thy West Timor abattoir,
To the East’s astatic haven, by boat or truck and car,
Where reputable Paladins, clad in United Nations’ dress,
Slowly drain the quagmire of your military-instigated mess.

Indonesia’s pathetic masses have now their hopes confined
To the ailing Wahid. ( An amaurotic President leads the blind )
And while Reform and Justice’ vows are duly scribed in Stone
Vested Military Brahmins remain in power behind the Throne,
That Legion of Darkness, who hath long ruled these shores,
Aside the despotic Suharto, within his Parliament of Whores.

Will they e’er stand down, and bow to Democracy’s sway ?
Never, while a tired sun sets and black shadows inherit day,
Theirs is the Counting House of The Indonesia Corporation,
A true Golcondan Archipelago, a Cornucopia in Perpetuation;
For so long as Goons and Guns and Gold constitute Authority
Radical Democratic Reformers will typify an impotent Majority.

For simple, honest Leadership the Great Unwashed all pray,
A Catholicon marked sadly absent since Independence Day,
To remain so eternally, if the Junta’s Shylocks have their way;
Their hallowed Kleptocracy has proved an abiding Institution,
A State-administered brothel peddling Bureaucratic prostitution.
This Corps d’ Elite of MBA’s ne’er studied the West Point rules,
Degrees in Military Science earned at foreign Business Schools,
The Hang Seng Index bears their Scripture rather than Sun Tzu,
Thus Democratic reforms and audits are anathema and taboo.

Alas the senescent Wahid, his faults more at Naïve than Knave,
For no Premier can administer Chaos with one foot in the grave,
Nor the conceited V P Megawatti, an overrated political dynamo,
A low-voltage Luminary like her Papa, the Dictatorial Sukarno.

What sense prosecuting Suharto if his Pardon’s guaranteed,
Swift Judicial Retribution is the panacea they really need.
( Wealth assures Impunity in a Culture of larcenous greed )
The Billions from corruption and graft, secure in offshore banks,
Hold no parallel to the Millions slain by the Military’s ranks
In the pogroms and sanguine purges of a four-decade span,
Officially ordained to found a Dynasty for the reigning clan.

Will Egalitarianism e’er take root now Wahid tills the land ?
‘Tis the stuff of Fantasy while the Generals conduct the Band,
This embryonic political evolution augurs naught redeeming,
Thy debut into the 21st Century denotes a fanciful dreaming.
Perhaps if dragged by the collar, kicking and a’screaming,
You’ll achieve the status of an emerging Third World nation,
Then usurp the ruling Junta to embellish Liberty’s celebration,
And thy undefiled paws might grasp the next I.M.F. Donation.

So our regrets and commiseration to those East Timorese,
Remanded in feculent Kupang as impoverished refugees,
Marooned far from dirty Dili and the U. N.’s benign auspices,
While Jakarta’s foul Militias complete their genocidal theses.


5th September, 2000. Three United Nations relief workers are beaten to death in West Timor by Jakarta-sponsored militias engaged in ethnic cleansing. The Wahid-led Indonesian government publicly object to censure by the international community, and refuse to meet with a United Nations delegation dispatched to investigate the murders and discuss future security measures to ensure the safety of their relief mission personnel. Indonesia asserts it is a Sovereign State and decries foreign intervention or censure in any form. The United Nations relief mission in West Timor is thus terminated and all personnel duly evacuated.

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