Monday, 8 September 2008

Misogynic Musings & Ironies

If a Vagina be the single part of Woman, Splendid and Unique,
What on Earth is this Cunt of which squalid juveniles speak ?
Alas, such Enigmatic Ciphers are beyond the savvy of a minor,
The Cunt is actually the baggage who owns the damn Vagina !
And if bred of Aristocratic Grain, or some abject Proletariat Hussy
All qualify as basic Life Support systems for the Sacred Pussy,
And whatever Posturing assumed, by histrionic Airs and Graces,
Forget this Shrine’s adjacent to where they pass their faeces;
With entreaties for impromptu genital lavage liable to vex
When one straddles thy face and demands her ration of oral sex.

While bolstering vain Mammarial Prestige with silicon implants
Their Inner Psyche desires to be the one who wears the Pants,
But Brassiereal Pyrotechnics simply allow Gravity its full scope,
And flaccid tits drop to dangle, alike those on the gallows’ rope.

In pursuit of their vaunted metamorphic Gender Evolution
They consider the worship of Self and Sappho a viable solution,
Sliding priapic fruits and veggies into their lubricious pudenda,
( Then later liquefy for face masks by processing in the blender.)
Until addicted to dildoes teased up their intromitten genitalia,
Now appraising copulation with Men to be a dismal failure;
Proselytes to those vibrant, battery-powered phallic totems
Never to impregnate, due the lack of testicles and scrotums;
Beyond cares of censure for their socio-moral transgressions,
Just Madam and Eve engaging in clandestine erotic sessions.

Yet how can any Female be truly trusted, when in Dilemma lies,
This fact of profuse monthly hemorrhage, from which she never dies;
What Demonic Pact consecrates such sanguine sacrificial oblation,
Apart one of Diabolic Baptism to the Thralls of Satanic Dedication.
And upon reaching her Climateric’s reign, which few Men can e’r abide,
Capricious moods and Schizophrenia beget Ms. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.

Though Man truly be Accursed, as a Devotee and a Slave,
From fickle Pubescence, until he’s one foot in the Grave,
To the Worship of that Goddess which lays twix a woman’s thighs,
After his first Carnal Communion, Evangelic Homage never Dies.

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