Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Spanish Fly

His libido now sharpened, as a seamstress’ needle,
With manic effort to each buck and thrust,
Since I fed him, unbeknown, the Cantharis Beetle,
To satisfy my unquenched yearnings and lust.

Ah, what potent potion contain in its carapace,
All inhibitions and coyness, swept cleanly away;
No more must I attire lingerie of black lace
When arousing his limp genitalia to display.

My cup now runneth over with carnal satisfaction,
The Lytta Vesicatoria has performed beyond dreams,
Its effects prolonged, such an unexpected reaction;
He mounts once more and arduously reams.

My days and my nights are with mad passions filled,
But whate’er would they think at the Townswomen’s Guild?

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