Monday, 8 September 2008

Micro Bill & Soft Gates

Thy intransigent Arrogance hath reaped a nauseous fruit,
This Bisectional Decree borne of Justice’s Antitrust suit,
Judge T. Pentium III Jackson and the perfervid Rabbi Klein
Defined thy corporate policies as those of gluttonous swine.

Redmond might nurture Geeks endowed with superior I.Q.’s
But none seem to comprehend History’s celebrated views,
Of A T & T ‘s dissolution, or that of regnant Standard Oil’s,
For a Century-old Sherman Act lanced those specific Boils,
And now targets Microslop with a ration of like Perdition
For coercive manipulation of Consumers and Competition.

Certes a Higher Court will attend thy Howls and Squeals
As it too is Blitzed by Sophistry and Indignant Appeals,
But pray avoid thy past Rhetoric and Insolent Didactics,
And resort to a less Heuristic vein of Entreating Tactics.

Yet if Justice duly enforces their Dichotomic Order,
Hint that it’s a leisurely drive to the Canadian border,
A Red Shift in thy Sovereignty remains a muted option,
Petition Ottawa’s Deities to foster Microslop’s adoption;
Simply call up Seattle’s principal Furniture Remover
And export thy headquarters to neighbouring Vancouver.

For ‘tis only Uncle Sam who dictates this inept ruling,
And may benefit from a dose of harsh economic schooling
As both Washington’s cry Foul, and invoke thy Retention,
And crucify Joel Klein for this inane apartheid’s invention.
Yea, it qualifies as an equivalent of the Original Sin
If Window’s innovative Evolution is consigned to the bin
For a three year hiatus, while the Competition overhauls,
Perhaps best if thy Flagship shoots the Niagara Falls.

Surely the Canuck hierarchs await the bite of Klein’s axes,
And favour the remittance of thy annual corporate taxes,
Plus employment for their masses and sterling I. T. prestige,
‘Tis a tenable gilt alternative to thwart this asinine siege.

Yet conjecture veils the upshot of this protracted litigious grapple,
A beatific denouement prayed for in Microslop’s hallowed chapel,
But what ignominy if Bill and Steve end up employed by Apple.

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