Saturday, 13 September 2008


When Hell’s fires are burned to the ember’s dull glow
Malboljia shalt unleash His foul legions to sow
Discord and destruction, through conflicts and wars,
With a thirsting for gore as the root of the cause;
A fresh stockpile of souls to feed Hade’s flames,
The slain carrion of battles He harvests and claims.

From the fetid deserts of Araby this Fiend shall arise,
With the destruction of Zion His ultimate prize
On a path of brutal conquest to encompass the Earth,
The Genesis of Perdition shalt here proclaim birth.

Ad-Dajjal incarnate, as the Beast of Babylon stands,
To loose His savage warriors of war upon all lands,
By intrepid and cruel cunning their victories shalt be won,
Until God decrees Kismet to curse the advance undone.

Aye, the Wages of Sin are surely fast off the ground,
But the Angel of Death comes w’out shadow nor sound,
And will wreak them asunder, strewn in far disarray,
As scorched ash and bleached bones : the toll they shalt pay;
Buried thick and deep, on the wastes of Megiddo’s field,
As the Portals of the Abyss are again locked and sealed.

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