Monday, 8 September 2008

The Apocalypse Chorus

Jesus Christ, the Cosmic Superstar,
Just got knocked down by a getaway car;
Oh, what an end for God’s only son :
The victim of a hit and run !

So the Second Coming’s been postponed,
Due to circumstances unforeseen,
But the Anti-Christ is right on schedule,
And he’s looking pretty mean.

The Day of Judgement’s now at hand,
A Guilty verdict certain to be returned,
No court appeals in Damnation Land :
So the human race gets burned !

Wow ! Our miracle has just come to pass,
In the chapel at Springfield High,
A surrogate Saviour arose during Mass :
Perhaps Mankind won’t have to die.

Yeah, while Satan’s busy baking cakes
In Hade’s blazing Millennium Fire,
Little Bart Simpson will up the stakes,
And become the next Messiah.

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