Saturday, 20 September 2008


Each issue of Men and Women desire to breeze through Life,
Premium colleges and careers, the perfect husband or wife,
A spacious and secure home, bounded by verdant ground,
In which their infantine menageries may safely run around,
Immune from external malevolence, a family radiant in Health,
Sprightly for Retirement’s legacy, blessed by a modicum of wealth.

The Daydream of the Masses perhaps, for Life owes us Naught,
Each Bounty we achieve, by hard toil and sweat is bought,
Though Minds of crystal Clarity, forged as Precision Tools,
Become an Omnipotent Force if honed by sagacious rules;
The wise Philosophies of History, if observed and applied,
Pave a halcyon path in Life, and the Trophies too provide.

Ne’er dance with the Devil as he intones Ambition’s song,
For Lights that burn twice as bright also burn half as long,
Pace all thy worldly doings, take time to rest and to reflect,
Body and Soul in serene accord, and not Victims of Neglect;
Another Day is each Tomorrow, and all things come to pass,
The oxen may at times be slow, but Mother Earth’s a patient lass.

A Mind vigilant in all Seasons be favoured well by Chance,
With Proper Preparation Preventing Poor Perform-ance,
The Five P’s Philosophy, yet another existential smart,
Alike that equestrian credo of the donkey and the cart.
An Engineering Maxim be : Twice measured and Once cut,
Strides taken methodically, each Step follows the other Foot;
Beware the Irresistible Impulse, for all are Satan’s snare,
The Laws of Action and Reaction quite oft’ mete out Despair,
The Headless Chicken Syndrome equates Effort into Waste,
Mistakes and fortuitous Babies, the sole by-products of Haste.

Maintain the upper hand via Resolve, Poise and Audacity,
Avoid Mendacious dialogues, for strength lies in Veracity,
Though Lies are a useful tool, let their employ be sparse,
And held solemnly in reserve to safeguard your own arse.

Ne’er build furniture from kindling, nor use rare oak for fuel,
Eschew the Zealot and Fanatics, their audience is the Fool,
Liberty be the coveted prize of self-discipline and restraint,
Rations of Patience and Charity, the baselines of a Saint,
Ne’er rely upon Assumption, for she wears a cloak of Errors,
Be wary of all Religions, they art a Wilderness of Mirrors,
Ontological proof of God’s being leaves one tired and vexed,
This World’s Certainty is far preferable to a very Dubious Next.

As an Observer thy sole aspect at Socio-Political Parades,
Note the Calm afore the Storms, of diatribes and tirades,
Close Enough not only applies to horseshoes and grenades,
Leave the sheep and Judas Goats to shepherd such charades,
Stay clear of their Shenanigans, ‘tis the Instinct of the Herd,
Peaceful while at pasture, stampede at some rumoured Word.

Ne’er Volunteer for Anything, lest with the Impossible be tasked,
Candy stripers wholly misconceived the questions they were asked.
Avoid dubious commerce, where Ham and Eggs equity’s remitted,
For the Chicken’s only Involved, while the Pig’s totally Committed.
Keep the Mind forever learning, hone thy Intellectual facilities,
And forswear all Ambitions beyond the scope of your Abilities.

Shun sporting pastimes that leave you nauseous and fainting,
Never Invest in anything that requires Feeding or Repainting,
The next little apothegm should become a Golden Rule :
Abstain your Democratic Right to talk and act like a Fool,
For many folk declare each other Idiots, with all due respect,
And usually it occurs that Both parties are quite Correct.

Beware Authority’s mantle, Powers’ thirst’s a bitch to sate,
Under its Illusion, Corruption holds vast sway and weight,
The rewards are but Transitory, yet the Obligations great;
Supreme Moral Rectitude needs be the hand upon its helm,
To deny Graft any acreage, a vexation of the Spirit’s realm.

Believe half of what one Sees, and none of which thee Hears,
Accord Temperance to liquor, be as a Paragon to thy peers,
For imbibing old John Barleycorn until he runs out of thy ears,
Provides the Whore of Perdition a philter of Regrets and Tears,
As the Climax of her Lust achieved upon thy due Damnation,
So apply Moderation to all of things : ( especially Moderation )

Cherish thy chosen soul mate, for all their repining ways,
Magnanimous accords provide the Ambrosia of thy Days,
Ne’er sink to spiteful ripostes, the bane of Spiritual health,
For Silence’ harvest, alike Adultery, is Conspiracy in itself.
Akin the Arctic wastelands doth become the Nuptial Bed
If moot aphasic piques permeate each spouse’s head,
As the diet of such Discords, afford the leanest Rations,
So Love’s Concordat restores the Fire of fitful Passions.

Foul Bigotry and Bias be not the tools of a Sapient Man,
These Genocidal chattels, adopted by the Ku Klux Klan,
Are Prejudice Incarnate, the Demon which Lies Beneath,
Each issue of Civilized youth on such has cut their teeth;
Inbred base Hatreds, this arrant Division of Us and Them,
A Neuro-Bronchial Infection, ne’er Expectorated as Phlegm,
Racial disparities be naught, and Sectarian are worth less,
Enslave the Negroes, Gas the Jews : such is History’s Mess.

Treat all of Mankind as equals, until they prove you Wrong,
Then one might compose thy own Insular Chauvinist’ song,
But to deft Melodious Accord, as Individuals in Singularity,
What applies to One doth not confer the Stigma on Plurality;
For Rancor is admissible, in the wide scope of our Humanity,
Pray it ne’er manifests as a devouring, cancerous Profanity,
Keep jaundiced opinions reined, of the Decaffeinated type,
Yeah, Unleaded in their Octane, and not of Draconian hype.

Be on good terms with all men, shun Confrontation if thee can,
Yet circumstance might prevail, to force proof thou art a Man,
Life compels Dire Actions when snared within an adverse Fix
So ‘tis better to be Tried by Twelve than carried Aloft by Six.

Aye, Adversity is a Constant, but her Defeat takes the Prize,
Naught is ever a Failure until viewed through mournful eyes,
Given Time and Money, aught can be achieved and done,
“No Problems : only Solutions”, a philosophical number One.
The Credo of “Sometimes Equalled but never, ever, Beaten”
Provides a Banquet of Nourishment when its feast be eaten;
Though ‘tis a formidable task for proud Eagles to fly and soar
When apathetic chickens form each Endeavour’s nuclear core.
Yet it is sedulous Fortitude that Gains and Wins the Day,
Declare “Either Lead or Follow, or get out of the Damn Way !”

As you tread Life’s narrow tracks, discern well each junction,
And build thy Mansion true, where Form doth follow Function,
Aye, Construct upon the bed of rock, athwart that final track,
Where its terminus doth face the Sea, with the hills a’back,
Lay the axis South to North, utilizing Feng Shui’s worth,
Thy gazebo warmed by Eastern sun at each Dawn’s birth,
So all garden-fare might flourish, and ripen on the vine,
Life, so ordered and matured, becomes the sweetest wine.

Thus achieve thy Great Becoming, in denial of Solipsism,
The Cult of Personality treads a path to Spiritual Schism,
Rest contented with thy Lot, things could be much worse,
And read the Book of Job if thee don’t believe my verse;
Come to peace with God, whate’r you conceive Him to be,
For Life itself is far too short to e’r be taken Seriously.

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