Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Ballad of Slimy Simon

Come hear our tale of Slimy Simon Leith
Who regards all other humans to be far beneath
His lofty hypocritical attitudes and elevated self-opinions,
Scowls and sneers at those he considers minions.

Via personnel reviews he executes character assassinations,
Victims to the whims of his mental aberrations,
Those of the squeaky voice, or freckles, or some gripe,
They not fitting his ideal of Seismic Stereotype.

They of taller stature, or intimidating nature,
Others with vast experience as their outstanding feature,
Men with their own minds, and powers of self-decision;
Working under Slimy they’ll never achieve fruition.

So, one by one, the experienced crew grows sparse,
Left are the sycophants, who grovel and lick his arse,
With epithets of Bootlaces, or Toenails, and such,
Whose total integrity just doesn’t amount to much.

Thus also these incompetents incur Slimy Simon’s wrath,
( To align oneself with despots is a razor-narrow path )
But this Kiwi-fruit coordinator is from a realm of psychotics.
A suitable case for treatment, this Narcissist neurotic.

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