Monday, 8 September 2008

Falun Gong

Behold Great Cathay’s Mandarins, trembling and a’quiver,
Afore the placid flow of the numinous Qigong River;
Their Mandate of Heaven, mired in ideological hypocrisy,
More scent than substance, a Totalitarian bureaucracy,
Threatened by the onslaught of Harmony and Inner Peace,
Command this Creed of Celestial Bliss to desist and cease,
The Icons of Forbearance, Benevolence and Truth decreed
A mordacious fungoid blights the fields of Marxist seed.

Aye, a singular Great Leap Forward then several in retreat,
A Hundred Flowers wilted lie at the Great Helmsman’s feet,
This Middle Kingdom rooted in ignorance and superstition,
Mao’s paranoid camarilla adhere still to hallowed tradition
Cloaking Phobias and Bigotry with Kafkaesque propaganda,
Behind brochures of the Great Wall and Chi-Chi the Panda,
Sinophile chauvinism vaunted with dogmatic Marxist tirades
Shield an effete Proletariat Utopia from Democracy’s blades.

What foul Agent Provocateur, which Theophanic Messiah
Imperils their political domination and induces such ire,
Some Neo-Revolutionary Paladin, descended from On High?
Just a portly Chin-Am’ Guru : Master Li Hongzhi.

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