Monday, 8 September 2008

Millennium 2000

The Countdown creeps to Zero, the Second Coming is at hand,
The final echoes of Triple Nine are drowned out by the band,
Are we all Y-2-K compliant ? The wine and caviar chills.
Is there enough cocaine to snort or aught we pop some pills?

The Global unwashed masses scramble madly to the East
Perched atop the Date Line to partake this Ritual Feast,
To behold a Virgin Sun break Dawn on January One,
As it has every single morning for untold Aeons gone.

What shalt be the Legacy of this propitious Celebration,
As the Oracles have predicted : Apocalyptic Conflagration ?
Or continuance of this Age, of socio-cultural degradation,
To achieve our subliminal suicidal pact of Eco-devastation.

But to all ye Heralding Seers of a Belle Epoque Dawning,
This Chiliadic fetish leaves us nonchalant and yawning;
Horological Savants claim a year premature you jubilate
While others sapiently declare a few years Past the Date !
For in 532 AD, Denis the Small earned a pretty penny
Computing a new Calendar, but added on Six years too many,
So actually your Millennium date is totally out the door,
Due Denis’s calamitous screw up, it occurred in 1994 !

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