Saturday, 20 September 2008

I Am, Thou Art

The Wellspring

Thou art the Fons et Origo from which Life flows,
Thy breast is my Haven, where I nightly returneth,
Mine heart be Thy furnace, for all of men it glows,
Thee kindles the Fire which deep inside burneth.

This Athanasian Flame of Azure Ethereal Light
Illuminates Dark Paths to allow the Soul Flight
Across tenebrous voids in a dimension unknown
Where Nefilim’s wings were sprouted and grown
In those Aeons long past, afore the Great Fall,
When Heaven and Earth indwelt the same Hall
In Harmonious Accord ‘neath the Arch of the Sky
Until came the Serpent, and the Time of the Lie.

The Great Fall

For Darkness and Light, the twains were rend
And Good’s Counter-Balance of Evil did end,
To give Chaos reign o’er Firmament and Seas,
A stench of Putrefaction rode each silent breeze,
For such was the slaughter, and carrion strewn,
Scavengers held banquet neath a Shamed Moon.

The Predators sustained these Nocturnal Feasts,
Each slaying the other as a diet for foul beasts,
Their Avatar’s aura gleamed on shield and sword
For Hell was in Session, and forgotten the Word,
Until their Celestial Wars wrought all Asunder
With weapons of Brimstone and Divine Thunder.
O’er Gehenna’s field sprawled Angels and Men,
The Carnage of Theomachy, inscribed by no Pen,
For mountains and valleys, once lush, lay waste,
The God of each faction Mortified and Disgraced
By vile Wanton Passions of Omnipotent Imperium
Commissioned their vassals to Barbaric Delirium;
Of Seraphim and Mortals, a Genocide complete,
The last Archangel wept at his spurned Master’s feet.

Thus swore then the God of Light, until the End of Time,
To ignore all Tellurian deeds, as Penance for this Crime,
And for the rebel Seraph Saitan, bound afore him lain,
Cast out upon the Earth, condemned to Infinite Reign;
Shorn of the rank of Deity, became God’s eternal serf,
To rule as Prince of Darkness the whole devastated Earth,
For as the Species restoreth, was tasked a single Goal,
To match God in Gambits for each Man’s Immortal Soul.


The Second Coming

Alike archaic Egyptian Bao, played in three dimensions,
God and Saitan stack the odds to sway Nihilistic Tensions,
Gambling on Free Will to Quell or Aggravate Global Strife,
The Game of Higher Beings, each Reversal costs a Life.

So again the Wheel of Karma spins, Humanity’s the Stake,
Will it halt on Logical Reasoning, to give the World a break,
Or rotate ‘til Irrational Folly once more claims the Prize ?
Another dividend to Saitan’s pot as he plays a hand of Lies.

God holds the Ace of Prayer, plus a conative United Nations,
( Neither’s won a conclusive hand in countless generations )
What cards will be dealt to whom? A military coup in Lima ?
Cures for Cancer and HIV ? India’s version of Hiroshima ?
A Global ban on fossil fuels, cold fusion becoming reality ?
World War Three commencing, with Chechneya its first fatality ?
High-tech’ genetic cloning provides our fattened calves ?
Crop mutations wither and die, so everybody starves ?

By Chance God’s still the Dealer, but Saitan’s pretty sharp,
To palm a trine of Knaves as Yahweh strums his Harp,
To score a nuclear accident, or screw up the ozone layer,
Hopefully God’s a better Cheat than He is a poker player;
For Jesus stands as Croupier, and Mary waits the table,
Slips her Boss a glancing wink whenever she is able,

The deck’s fresh and thrice shuffled, and duly cut by all,
God deals off to Saitan, and He gets to make first call,
Perhaps this Final Game’s the one that Makes or Breaks,
Should Mankind be worried? We are the bloody Stakes !
The turn of a Single card may Herald the End of Days,
Sauve qui Peut applies, we’ll never change our ways.

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