Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Brothers Htoo

Aghast we behold, has the entire World gone barmy,
Have you seen who’s in command of leading God’s Army ?
A brace of Field Marshals Juvenile, the dreadful Htoo Twins,
Clad in camouflage diapers, and held up with safety pins.

Mayhap both truly are bestowed with Supernatural Powers,
To summon the aid of Spirit Warriors in their adverse hours,
And pioneer the Karen rebels to a final victory of sorts,
Cloaked radiant in pubescent acne, and dandruff and warts.

Fired by their envy of the Rangoon junta’s opium monopoly
This simply is not the way to conduct an insurgency properly
Recruiting truant junior students as revolutionary Messiahs,
Both should be at Sunday school and singing in the choirs.

Thus Woe is our Dilemma, whate’r shall Moral Rectitude do
With a pair of Adolescent Antichrists like the Brothers Htoo
A sound smack on the arse, crew cuts, and back to school,
For carrying guns and hand grenades is not the Golden Rule.
To bed without any supper, no more smoking cheap cheroots,
Ankle socks and sensible shoes, and dump the combat boots.
So, for Little Johnny and Luther, no more military charades,
The next time you go marching will be in Academic Parades.

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