Saturday, 13 September 2008


What asinine clamour pervades these whistle-stop tours,
Each Candidate’s fickle worth vaunted by political whores,
Campaigns financed on tributes from China and Korea,
Thus a Quid Pro Quo syndrome pilots the Elected’s career,
For parties of Self-Interest, reciprocity comes down the road,
If a gullible public endorses their Cabal’s anointed Toad.

A hundred million Americans might qualify for Election
Yet this brace of Harlequins tops our arbitrary selection,
If they art the Best our nation hath trained and groomed
As the Global Patriarch we’re emasculated and doomed.

To a moronic George W. Bush, we shalt ne’er forget when,
Thy father gave us the Gulf War, broadcast Live on CNN,
Mayhap the GOP have earned due ire and just derision
In providing a homicidal grade of entertainment television.

Perchance Albert Gore might inherit the Democratic rule,
For his cognizance far surpasses the Republican’s Mule,
Pray eight year’s experience aside Washington’s throne
Have taught him to suppress urges of a libidinous tone,
So the Presidency avoids a repeat of ignominious litigations
With sexual harassment the core of Justice’s deliberations.

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