Tuesday, 16 September 2008


For three score and ten Man bides on this Earth,
With most loitering aimlessly from the moment of birth,
No concept of Becoming, nor Enlightened Ideal,
Except anticipation of their next scheduled meal.

All partake of the Bounty, yet return naught but waste,
That found unsavoury to their Materialistic taste,
Oblivious to the Principles of Cause and Effect
As Nature is stricken another Victim of Neglect.

Each draws from the Well, times over and again,
By right of the defunct Theory of Eminent Domain;
Credit-generated Indulgences, just spend for this day,
While a spiritual asphyxia is the prime form of repay.

No Cosmic Nirvana attained via a drug-induced path,
Just a lingering slow walk towards Karma’s wrath,
We create our own Hells, of Stress and of Strife,
So little luggage required for our stroll through Life.

The Age of Aquarius shall be as the Ages now gone,
Mired in reflections of what might have been done,
Spiritual Philistines blind, seeking Celestial Bliss,
A Grail they hath ne’er beheld, shalt forever miss.

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