Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ode to the Last Port Call in Muara, Brunei

A letter to the bank : ‘Please pay all my bills.’
Wrote to the doctor, ordered up more pills,
Dispatched greetings for birthdays and anniversary occasions,
And Hari Ryu cards, to friends of Islamic persuasions.

A cheque for alimony, to my first wife;
One to the underwriters, for insurance of life;
Another to my sister, to settled an old debt;
And one for my nephew, to buy a Meccano set.

Confirmation to a travel agent, booking a holiday in Spain,
And sent on a chain letter from a faggot queen called ‘Wayne’;
My coupons to Littlewoods, with the coming month’s pools,
Plus a bank draft to my sons, for fees at their respective schools.

Aye, God bless all those Post men,
World-wide, a race apart,
Out in all inclement weathers; of stalwart spine and heart;
And these letters would sure deliver,
Through storms of snow and hail,
If the cretin-brained ship’s agent
Hadn’t forgotten to take off our mail.

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