Monday, 8 September 2008


Asia’s brazen Tiger Economies, all proved to be a Farce,
The Big Cats are now de-fanged, Development’s on its arse,
Currencies gone haywire, so panic hits the Bourse;
All more Scent than Substance: Darwinism runs true course.

Western Financial Strategy : Keep ‘em indebted to the ears,
Offer more Loans and Moratoriums, belay the slightest fears
That Third World Economies will ever surpass our Own;
Post-Colonial Domination : from Guns to Greenbacks grown.

Enforce Democratic Principles, and the ouster of Dictators,
Ignore their cries of “Foul play” and the pleas of Litigators,
Re-create them in Our Image : one of Materialistic Greed;
Then sit back in Countenance : to supply their basest need.

One by one the calls will come, directly from our own Man,
“Send Lawyers, Guns and Money, the Shit has hit the Fan;
Doesn’t matter in which order, all will be required,
The Packrats in Government just got the President fired !”

This is how we want ‘em, at our Financial Beck and Call;
We name the Game, change the Rules and never drop the Ball.
Tempt them with morsels, then feed ‘em more and more,
Until the Gluttony of Borrowing counter-balances the Score.

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