Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Nupta Perficere

I seeketh for my Spouse a Gemstone of Infinite Carat Purity,
A Habitue of Virtuous Convents yet well shy of her Maturity,
Puerisque in form, though with her mons fleeced velveteen,
The Gourmet of Wanton Carnality, mine Nympholeptic Queen.

A vital dynamic Triumvirate of all Virtues Feminine require
Voluptuousness, Beauty and Wisdom, in that order do aspire,
A Semiramis cast Unique, A Cytherea garbed in woven light,
My Amaryllis of the Daytime, and my Messalina for the Night,
A Hestia of Spartan thrift, the Matriarch of Haute Cuisine,
A Bastion of Conjugal Fidelity, an Inamorata chased Serene,
Her Maternity Personified to Nurture well our Brood Cognate,
To Love and Forever Cherish but ne’er sink to spiteful Hate.
No Suffragette biased to Sapphic rites nor Brassiereal Pyres
But Magnanimous and Devoted, to tend the hearth-side fires.

Aye, ‘tis such a Consort I do seek, but doth She seeketh me ?
For Lust’s Wanton Passions perhaps a Fascist Master be,
As each and every issue of Man, he does desire, for Fact,
His Bride be the Whore of Babylon with her Virginity Intact.

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