Monday, 8 September 2008

Commissioner de Guzman

Corruption and Graft need be a subtlety -reined pair,
Sate thy Coffers swiftly, or risk Exposure and Despair,
And when Man’s Cup is duly filled, unto the very brim,
Ambition should be Sufficed, and spurn Rapacious Whim,
To take leave, Ad Infinatum, from the Larcenies of Life,
To Dote upon one’s Children and majestic loving Wife.
She, the winsome Bon Vivant, endowed with Lorelei hair,
Thrice crowned Miss Philippines, her beauty Mestiza fair,
Chose, above all Suitors, that You would be her Swain,
A Virgin at thy Nuptials, with no other e’er had Lain.

Retire from thy Labours, bade Sly Commerce’ call Desist,
For the days of Idle Leisure a Bounty so far Missed;
Groom thy vestal Daughters, both seek a Guiding Hand,
Ne’er dally on Indecision, the Glass runs out its Sand.

Yet Greed be a Frightful Mistress, a Dominatrix Cruel,
Addictive her Seductions, a Wise man turns to Fool,
Avarice’s narcotic carriage winds down complex roads,
For Major Frogs in Minor Pools dream of becoming Toads.

Diogenes oft’ loudly Railed, of Men and their Price,
Who gain High Public Office by the Vehicles of Vice,
Bartered and Purchased through Favours or Fear,
Or hard Sterling specie, alike a marketed steer.
And ‘twas via this Route de Guzman so Bought
The Sinecure at Customs he Covetously Sought,
To be Master of the Bond at Maynila’s fine Port,
Commissioner Reyes did he Arduously court.

No blackmail nor gold, naught so Vulgar and Bland,
Paid the Appointment with his junior Daughter’s hand,
( Assigned to Reye’s Harem as Concubine number Eight )
Secured de Guzman a Key to the Customs Bond Gate.
A Pure Virgin, wasted, on that Philandering old Lecher,
Prostrate, two months after, on the Mortician’s stretcher,
The Coroner’s verdict was of Pulmonary Thrombosis,
But with Vermin alike Reyes, ‘twas perhaps Myxomatosis.

So de Guzman then Vied the choice Vacant Situation,
To be Commissioner of Customs he petitioned Elevation,
Proffered half his Foul Wealth to the pertinent Minister,
Whose Venal Eyes cast on a Payment more Sinister,
( His own Corrupt Fortunes would see him through Life )
As a Bribe claimed de Guzman’s Daughters and Wife.
For at his Tobacco Hacienda in the mountainous North
The Seraglio lacked Females of such Seraphic Worth,
Extorted the Kindred Trio to sate his Lascivious relish,
To de Guzman’s Detriment, but a Harem did Embellish.

Who requires Emotional Chattels,
Their Interest accumulates Naught,
Love and Affection can any day be Bought,
Ambition must Override All, for Mammon is at Hand,
So De Guzman became Commissioner
Of the Custom’s Pirate band.

On all imports and exports the Comm’ drew due percent,
( While his moral worth Mortgaged or Imprudently Spent )
And vast illicit Fortunes be hid well from Public View,
To numbered Offshore accounts went all Deposits new.
Mayhap in this Temporal world he achieved a shallow Goal,
At the cost of Ethical Scruples, and the Immortal Soul,

Aye, each morn’ in the Cathedral he attended early Mass,
A Facade of Pious Communion to cover his Heathen Ass,
Praying to an Omnipotent God, ( Vengeful and All-Seeing )
Rewarded with a Tumor, deep inside his physical being;
And while this Cancer grew, and slowly Gnawed away,
De Guzman disbursed his Fortune to keep the Bane at bay,
To Clinics in far-off lands, and each Charlatan’s Miracle Cure,
‘Til the ravenous Assassin metastasized out of every Pore.

Gaze now upon his Funeral, one last Ostentatious Show,
His Peers mutter in Envy, “ What a Splendid Way to Go.”
An emaciated Corpse there lies, its casket silver-chased,
But the Worms will pay no mind to this Pretentious Waste.

So Beware thy Final Judgement, for Saint Peter doth Await,
To reckon up those Earthly Sins afore the Celestial Gate,
He’ll empty out thy pockets, of All thou stole in Life,
And charge thee to Account for two Daughters and a Wife.

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