Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Release from Pain

In all my life’s days and dark, dreamless nights,
Ne’er afore shone this most Brilliant of Lights,
To bathe mine infirm body and tormented mind;
From far ‘cross the Ether gives sight to eyes blind.

Without and within, it warms my crippled joints,
Cleanses mine Soul, and as a halo anoints
The crown of my head, rendering such bliss;
Ah, these pains of Mortality I shall never miss.

A hand raises me up, and we float, silent, away,
Gone are the agonies of each passing day;
Farewell my body, a friend before age
Cast you as a foe, with the turn of Youth’s page.

‘Tis the greatest of pities man decays and grows old,
His wild nights of Passion become lonely and cold;
But I now venture on, borne aloft by His hand,
As the top of Life’s glass is emptied of sand.

1 comment:

Ally said...

So beautiful. I cried when I first read it as it reminded me of my Mum passing away.