Saturday, 13 September 2008

Politics and Man

To depart our sun-kissed islands of perennial green trees
And work in lands hostile, so far overseas,
Grieved my heart greatly, but the future was measured
For the good of our children, and their education’s treasured.

Thus I laboured on, to earn and to save,
So my family stood proud in this Land of the Brave,
And our children attended colleges of academic acclaims
To become lawyers and doctors, and bear forth honest names.

Yea, for two decades long I worked in strange foreign lands,
Suffered climates of snow, and of scorched desert sands;
Contract after contract, spent in arduous toil,
Drilling deep for gas, and elusive black oil.

And at home our people achieved their ideological evolution
To oust a dictator and tyranny in the EDSA Revolution,
It so gladdened the hearts of all migrants overseas
That one day we’d return to feel Democracy’s breeze’
For the political darkness that had long blighted our isles
Was now lighted by Freedom, and true, joyous smiles.

But twelve years have passed since that trysting day
When the Democratic Will of the People held sway,
And due electoral process restored Congress to power;
Yet again we are shadowed by an eclipse’s Dark Hour
As Corruption and Graft permeate all their doings,
With Self before Duty : a Harbinger of Ruins.

Although the Maestro’s long dead, they still play his foul games,
And nothing has changed, except some of their names,
With all once exiled pariahs now returned for the kill,
To control political office, and take their insatiable fill;
To drink of our Life’s blood, until we are dry,
To preach of our Freedoms with their Democratic Lie.

So, what answers will they give, stood afore Heaven’s Gate,
For returning our land to a Martial law state ?
For twisting the Constitution around an enigma of bends
To suit their base needs and material ends;
For juggling the rules, and distorting our laws,
For returning us again into Darkness’ Jaws.

But if Hell is for real, may they all wait their turn,
And God’s Justice damn the guilty to eternally burn.

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