Saturday, 20 September 2008


A Dedication to those who stand fast against strife,
And for their true Master would freely give Life;
Whose needs are of the Heart and Spirit alone,
‘Tis such beings of mettle from which Legends grown.

Aye, a myth proven fact, they are enigmatic and rare,
But no Evil can divide as they corner the Square;
Pure psyche is their Compass, to East and to West,
See the Widow’s Son’s symbol emblazed on each chest.

Now they timely awake from the slumber of Ages,
To participate again and edit Man’s historic pages;
To arrest the Crowning, the Ceremony and Feast,
Of He that breathes Darkness: the Eternal Beast.

None yet know of their coming, these Paladins Immortal,
As they step light on the path below Shamballah’s portal.

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