Tuesday, 9 September 2008


As the 21st Century lies ready to breach
Is naught now beyond our Intellectual Reach ?
Ontological reasoning has surely proved God’s existence
While Pharmaecopia’s bounty ensures most viral resistance.
Governed by checks and balances of a Montesquieu rank,
With Relativity now elucidated by Einstein and Plank,
The Atom’s been split, we drive solar-powered cars,
Men walk on the Moon, space probes “sometimes” reach Mars,
Our brain chemistry is mapped via electro-neurology,
The Earth’s age revealed through high-tech’ geology,
Longitude’s prize secret : solved at durable cost,
So we know the correct time when’er we get lost;
And Fermi’s Last Theorem to our higher math is child’s play;
Is there naught we don’t know in this Age and Day ?

Perhaps Man the Great Scholar, constructs Babelesque Towers
As arrogance surpasses proclaimed Intellectual Powers,
A pair of academic conundrums, undeciphered, still await,
Before we pompously stride through the Millennial Gate;
Two riddles, perplexing, stand the ravages of time,
Exalted in deep mysteries, both are Ciphers Sublime;
What is the Inscrutable Sphinx, crouched in that desert abode ?
And why did the enigmatic Chicken want to cross the road ?

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